Natchie Art Journal - When


Natchie Art Journal - When


When Natchie was growing up she relied on her journals to keep her sane! She still has them all from when she was 12 years old!

All journals are handmade by Natchie in New York City. No two journals are ever the same. Each journal comes with the lyrics and a free download code to keep the song.

Size: 7" x 7" Square 

100 blank pages


when will i see things the way you see

when will i love the skin I'm in

when will they quiet down the yelling

when will the peace and quiet begin


when will i wake up and feel rested

when will i fight no more myself

when will I resign surrender

stop longing for something else?


when when

when will the day be my day

when will nothing stop eating my time

when will I stop hiding

when will i own what is mine


when when

pouring water on my head

one step sideways dry instead

breaking into laughter

did they hear what I said?


when will my dark leave me behind

when will i care not to care

hanging onto holding for something

thats really not there

when do I break down this door

no longer need to pretend

 standing here and asking

when will the questions end?

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