What Natchie Arters are saying:


You have a very friendly personality and a "cool look". I liked you right away and was eager to buy something from you. I liked your artwork and the fact that they were visualizations of your songs was a bonus. - Jasmine, Philadelphia

Great art. And the woman who makes it is a beautiful person, through and through. Good vibes all the way. Glad I was able to give Arturo a new home. :) - Mark, New York City


Thanks for the fun, creative art. We love it! It was really generous of you to throw in the subway picture (my daughter's subway stop). We will be shopping with you again :) - Maureen, Long Island


Was lovely to meet Natchie, herself. Her artwork put a smile on my face! - Liz, Texas


The artist is not only very talented, with a wonderful sense of humor, she is a most delightful individual and I hope she achieves tremendous success. - Marcos, California


Super friendly, thanks for the tips on what's hot & what's not (tribeca). Great to hear yr market is doing well, go forth & make a shit load. Smiles & best wishes, Tone & Jenn. (We like both kinds, country & western). :-) -  Tone and Jenn, Australia


Uniqueness of the artwork. - Steve, Virginia