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Each weekend we try to go to the city and to discover new and interesting places.First, choose the area, then we look for a coffee shop, be sure to read the reviews, dwell on that which pleases us both, collect in a portfolio of two laptops and go down into the subway. So it was today. F Train to York subway station - the fastest and most convenient way to be in the Dumbo area.

On the map looms bagel, implying the location of the nearest bakery. Just a couple of blocks, but they are not difficult to get lost. Legs are selected in a lane fold faster than we can agree with them or stop them. So we find ourselves on the threshold of "menthol" store. 

Words ... on the windows, door, wall ... There are so many that together they clearly add up to an interesting Ithor that now we just have to hear. Perhaps this is her story of a girl who is behind the counter of a small art studio. In her hand she had a pencil, she draws the Brooklyn Bridge, so neatly puts the bricks on each other ... People who give such importance to detail are usually very unique personalities. I understand that it is not just a vendor, but certainly the author and the hostess of the nest, and I can not help but talk to her. 

Nadia - a musician originally from Australia. She writes music for over twenty-five years, eighteen of which are held in New York. Three years ago, she began to see the songs in the pictures and felt an irresistible urge to draw his music. Thus was born Natchie (nickname, which called her father when she was 13). In her drawings, and the truth is something childish. Perhaps the bright colors, can be unpredictable plots and irregular shapes, and perhaps naive dream, to which its characters are drawn from what they all have such long legs.

In its store-studio Nadia sells postcards, picture, notebooks and many other unique items copyright. To each of them supplied lyrics and link with the code for free download. Such a reference - it is not a random collection of letters, which sooner or later will get lost in the stream of messages, this gift that says that you are unique.

The idea to paint the song struck me as interesting, but also very close. It's exactly what I do, only in reverse order: remove the color pictures of gray city landscape and clothe them in words.

Nadia looked around us look, then walked to the shelf with the cards and got the one on which was written Risk it all, and brave girl walked on a tightrope stretched over the abyss. And she guessed? I thought to myself ... Although all of us, probably once in my life set foot on the rope, hoping that the power of love is stronger gravity.

NOTE: Natchie Shop is located in Brooklyn, at the corner of Front and Pearl Street.Open seven days a week from 12 pm to 7 pm. Postcards, pictures, notebooks, CDs, home and other works Nadi accessories can also be purchased at the online store:

If you have not had time to buy a gift for Valentine's Day for your second half in a hurry to look into Natchie.



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december 2015


NATCHIE - MOVE with purpose




Over the weekend I met a gift of an artist as I was meandering through Brooklyn with a very kind, dear, talented, and spirited fellow artist. Every now and then you come into contact with an artist that seems to embody what it is to be an artist. By this I mean that the true artist just keeps stretching the boundaries and squeezing every nook and cranny out of their artistic journey. As I listened to her story of how she came to have this amazing store in Brooklyn, I was immediately impressed and humbled all at the same time. Her story was quite simple. She wanted to come to NYC from her native Sydney, Australia, to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. To date has already sung with some very heavy and top level singers, such as Sting, Billy Joel, and James Taylor to name a few. I would say that she has had quite a career so far on this very competitive island.

   What truly gave me pause, was that in 2012 Miss Nadia Ackerman, also known as "Natchie", decided that she would try her hand at drawing her music. That sentence alone sparks so many emotions for me personally. It sounds like such a complex, yet simple concept all at the same time. So imagine this, each drawing comes with a lyrics sheet and a download of the song that inspired that particular art piece. I love it! I met her face to face and her energy was just so real and inviting. I encourage you to take a look at her work as well as to listen to her music. I was sure to buy one cd before I left the store and I really enjoy it. You can find her art and music HERE . It was a serious treat to have just randomly walked into this magical world of art and music, and to now be even more inspired to set free all that my mind continues to produce almost daily.

   Sometimes in life we are moved by a certain thing and our minds begin to work almost immediately. I was on the train today and I saw a piece of paper underneath a seat on the train. This was no ordinary piece of paper, I could feel it in my gut. So after about 3 stops of staring at it through the legs and shoes and what have you of about 20 to 40 people, I started to move in the direction of the paper. I was convinced at this point that is was foreign currency of some sort. I said excuse me to a man that was about 5 feet in front of me as I began to bend down and pick it up, but it was too late. The man that I said excuse me to was making his own descent under the seat to pick up this bill. As he lifted it from under the seat, I spoke up and said that I was just reaching for the same thing, but that he had gotten to it first. So his three friends and I had a small conversation about the intricacies on the bill and that it was from Singapore. One guy commented that it was probably worth about 25 cents in our money. Then a guy who caught a glimpse of it from his seat chimed in and said that it was worth about a dollar and fifty cents. Who dropped this bill and do they even know that they dropped it? Either way, I did not move right away when I saw it and I took it as yet another lesson from the universe about how we miss opportunities simply because we wait instead of moving with purpose. In this case, it was just foreign currency. On another day, it could be a huge situation that could change my life for the better. Who knows? Who ever really knows? So I didn't get to keep the 2 dollar bill from Singapore, it's not the end of the world. It was however a very teachable moment. Listen to your soul and go in that direction. There are no real roadblocks, only man made ones that can be broken down in an instant by choice. Game time.


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Multi-faceted.  That is one word that comes to mind immediately when I think about this week's creative.  Why?  Well, for starters, she is a singer/songwriter with an impressive list of accolades.  She also has some serious #girlboss entrepreneur skills.  Oh, and did I mention she runs a store in NYC that sells her own work?  She is also a major philanthropist and has a heart of gold.  Let's meet this Aussie transplant and see what else we can learn.  I'm excited to introduce, Nadia of Natchie Art....READ THE FULL ARTICLE..






Empire State Building, Chrysler Building & 1WTC

Ayer estuve con Nadia Ackerman en su pequeña tienda NATCHIE ART de Dumbo (Brooklyn). Me contó que desde que publiqué el post mostrando sus ilustraciones el pasado mes de abril, ya ha recibido más de 20 personas por parte del blog que han comprado en su shop de Front St.

Me alegra saber que con mi trabajo ayudo a artistas locales de la ciudad, porque la verdad es que Nadia se lo merece. Es un encanto y si pasáis por ahí vais a pasar un buen rato seguro!

Así que hemos decidido para celebrarlo, hacer un sorteo en la comunidad de Instagram de Sola en Nueva York,  de su The New York City Tower Gift Pack by Natchie. Es un pack con 3 láminas de Nueva York del Empire State Building, Chrysler building y 1WTC. Una monada de dibujos para enmarcar y colgar en tu casa.

Para participar lo único que necesitas es tener perfil en Instagram y hacer lo siguiente:

- Repostear la foto del sorteo en tu perfil

- Ser seguidor en Instagram de @SolaenNuevaYork

- Ser seguidor en Instagram de @Natchieart

- Y comentar la foto del sorteo en el perfil de @Solaennuevayork, poniendo el nombre de la persona con quien te gustaría ir a Nueva York.

Recuerda que  tu cuenta de instagram tiene que ser pública para poder participar.

Aquí os dejo fotos de Nadia y el paquete que vamos a sortear.

El nombre del ganador lo haré público el 17 de agosto 2015.



JUNE 2015

This Thursday, Live at the Archway will feature a performance by nine-piece pop ensemble Nadia Ackerman and the Harold Pinter Orchestra. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Nadia is also the artist behind DUMBO’s Natchie Art. We sat down with Nadia to learn more about her unique creative process.

Tell us a little about the story behind Natchie.

I started this kind of by chance – I don’t really know what I’m doing [laughs]. When I was working on my second album of original music I started seeing the music as complete drawings. There were 12 songs on the record and I had 12 drawings in my head and it was really powerful. It was more just about wanting to get them out of my brain, so I just started drawing.

I had a CD launch for the album and I was performing at a gallery so I thought it would be a cool idea to hang all the drawings on the night of the launch. And then people wanted to buy them! As people started to buy them, I thought I better photograph them so I have documentation. Then I had these high-resolution photographs so I made greeting cards with the lyrics on the back and a code so you could download the song. It started with greeting cards and now it’s this.




JUNE 2015


Call her the artist from Down Under — the Manhattan Bridge.

An Australian-born singer and songwriter has opened a Dumbo shop where she sells artwork based on her songs. Nadia Ackerman, who has recorded five pop albums and performed with Sting and Billy Joel, said that the impulse to draw is the same one that fuels her music.

“It’s just pouring out of me,” said Ackerman. “I’m not the type to put a lid on anything creatively. If the muse says, ‘Okay, now we’re going to write an album.’ Okay, that’s what I’m doing. If the muse says to draw, that’s what I do.”

Some of her colored-pencil drawings are literal depictions of the song lyrics, which are printed on the back of each piece, while others are more abstract renderings. Each also comes with a download code for the depicted song.

Ackerman sees her melodic pop music as a way to tell personal stories of struggle and triumph. And creating the art by hand and selling it at Natchie Art is another way to reach out to people, she said.

“The stories are always emotional and vulnerable, very human, I guess. And I think that’s why this all works. Because I feel like today, especially with digital art, we’ve lost that human connection,” she said. “And I feel like between my drawings and music I’m trying to make those connections.”

Ackerman will reach out to audiences on June 25 with a concert in the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge, just a few steps from her storefront. The event is part of the Live at the Archway series, which hosts free summer concerts on Thursday evenings. Ackerman will perform with her full eight-piece band, the Harold Pinter Orchestra.

“At first I was just going to do a little band, a little set-up, and then I thought — ‘No, I’m going to go for it!’” she said. “I’m bringing everyone. It is a huge event!”

Nadia Ackerman and the Harold Pinter Orchestra at the Archway (Pearl Street at Anchorage Place in Dumbo). June 25 at 6 pm. Free.

Natchie  (141A Front St. Corner of Pearl street in Dumbo, Open 7 days, noon–7 pm.

sola en nueva york

March 2015



Unas ilustraciones con música propia

Conocí a Nadia hace unos 3 años en el mercadillo Artists & Flea de Williamsburg. Tenía su paradita de Natchie Art donde vendía sus ilustraciones, unas ilustraciones preciosas y cada una de ellas venía con la letra de una canción que ella componía.

Nadia es Australiana y compositora.

Primero compone la canción y luego lleva a cabo una ilustración de esa canción.

Me encantó su trabajo, es por eso que le pedí su tarjeta para cotillear su web una vez llegara a casa.

Pero me olvidé por completo y esa tarjeta la perdí. Hace 1 año cuando me mudé, de manera milagrosa esa tarjeta apareció. Fui corriendo a cotillear qué había sido de esa persona, de sus cuadritos y desde entonces la sigo en instagram.

Vi que ya había abierto su propia tienda en el barrio de Dumbo. Nadia es un ejemplo más de que si sigues tus sueños y trabajas mucho haciendo lo que más te gusta, lo consigues.

El mes pasado decidí pasarme por su tienda y comprarle por fin una ilustración. Y la verdad es que me hizo mucha ilusión. Le conté la historia de la tarjeta y nos estuvimos riendo un buen rato.

Me llevé estas 2 ilustraciones de Nueva York que me encantaron. Creo que si estáis buscando un buen regalo de recuerdo para llevaros a casa, sin duda alguna sus ilustraciones son maravillosas.





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