time to live again




What does it mean to live again? Can one overcome their traumatic past to make the best of their hopeful future? 

This short documentary profiles Nadia Ackerman, a singer, artist and small-business owner. Originally from Australia, Nadia moved to New York and now sells her art and music from her shop Natchie, in Dumbo, Brooklyn

In this film, Nadia opens up about the sexual abuse she suffered when she was a child, and how through therapy and perseverance, she was able to heal herself and turn her past into something positive. Her songs and drawings are thematically centered around childhood, and contain whimsical characters and settings. There are, however, some heartbreaking aspects to her art - and that sadness becomes even more apparent once you understand Nadia's past. 

This is a story of hope, told from the perspective of a true survivor. Nadia's past is painful and sad, but she has been able to spin it into a positive light by channeling her feelings into her art. She hopes to become a mentor to young girls and boys, and to encourage them to speak up about abuse. 

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